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The fees are determined by mutual agreement between the Firm and the client according to one of the following methods or a combination of those:

  • Hourly fees: the services are generally invoiced on the basis of an hourly rate previously agreed upon with the client; the rate is adjusted depending on the complexity of the case and/or its emergency. The hourly rate is applied to all services in relation to the file. A fee assessment is communicated before initiating the file.
  • Lump sums: barring unforeseen exceptional work, in certain cases a lump sum (or a fee range) can be agreed upon.
  • Success fees: such fees may be invoiced in combination with the fees referred to above and correspond to a percentage of the obtained convictions or to an additional lump sum paid at the end of the case, if the conditions are met.
  • Subscriptions: for regular requests, a subscription agreement covering certain types of common issues may apply (e.g. regular questions in employment law; litigation in the field of defective products and serial damages).

The regular mail expenses, to their reasonable extent, are covered in the fees. All other expenses are invoiced separately (expenses for fast or registered mail shipping, travel costs, registrars’, baillifs’, or local correspondents’ costs, etc.).[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

General Terms of Service

All our (offers of) services, and interventions are exclusively governed by our General Terms of Service, which can be sent on request or can be downloaded here: