Transport law

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Holfran is your company’s legal partner in Paris, France. We assist with effective solutions and a pragmatic approach.

Transport law

Holfran’s experienced lawyers offer expert legal services for companies dealing with transportation and insurance law in France. Whether your company transports goods or has goods transported by road, it is important to understand French and international transport laws and insurance policies. In the event of damages during transport, questions about liability and compensation may arise, and our lawyers have the expertise to assist with any issues that may arise.

Our lawyers, who speak English, French, and Dutch, have a European and Dutch background and graduated from French universities, giving them excellent knowledge of the French legal system. They specialize in the field of CMR and insurance and can provide your company with the best possible advice and assistance. With strong experience in helping foreign companies (particularly Dutch and Belgian) do business in France, Holfran is the right choice to assist your company with any transport law-related issues. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

Legal advice

The lawyers of Holfran speak English, French and Dutch. They are registered at the Paris Bar and have expertise in CMR and French transport law. Holfran’s lawyers assist in making the right assessment and a clear case analysis.

Transport law

If your company transports goods by road from or to France or insures these during carriage, the rules of French and international transport law (CMR) apply. It is then practical to rely on a French law firm with English speaking lawyers having knowledge of such French and international law. Aiming at providing the best possible service, where necessary, Holfran also collaborates with a network of specialized lawyers worldwide. Our activities include:

  • Assisting cargo owners or insurers in case of damage
  • Assisting in surveys and judicial expertise proceedings
  • Providing assistance in judicial proceedings concerning international road transport (CMR)

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Legal assistance from Holfran

We offer legal assistance to foreign (in particular Dutch and Belgian) companies or insurers in the field of French and international road transport law. Our services include:

  • Legal advice under French law
  • Assisting in negotiations
  • Contract drafting
  • Mediation and settlements
  • Litigation in France
  • Representing clients before the French courts or administrative authorities

Is your company facing a dispute in France and does it seek guidance from an English speaking lawyer registered at the Paris bar? Holfran is happy to assist. Because we specialize in French law and speak English, French and Dutch, we can offer your company optimal assistance. Contact us directly; our lawyers will be happy to advise and provide a cost estimate.

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