Insolvency law

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Insolvency law

If your company is doing business in France you may be faced with issues relating to French insolvency law. For example, because your company has financial difficulties or because French customers do not pay their invoices and you have to trigger guaranties or foreclose securities. Our lawyers speak English, French and Dutch and are happy to assist your company. Holfran is a French law firm based in Paris.
If your company is facing bankruptcy or other insolvency proceedings in France, Holfran can grant the necessary legal advice. Its lawyers have years of experience in assisting foreign (especially Dutch and Belgian) companies involved in insolvency proceedings. Communication is facilitated because Holfran’s lawyers are fluent in English, French and Dutch. They are graduated from French universities and have an international law specialization. That is why Holfran’s lawyers can provide optimal service to companies requiring advice under French law.

Legal advice on insolvency law

Holfran is a trilingual (English, French and Dutch) law firm based in Paris. Its lawyers graduated from French universities and are registered at the Paris Bar. Holfran’s lawyers have extensive experience in French and international insolvency law matters. They can therefore make the right assessment of your company’s case and give the legal advice that your company needs.

Insolvency law

If your company is active on the French market, it may have to deal with French customers who do not pay their bills or are declared bankrupt. It could also be that your company is insolvent. In all these cases, Holfran can offer your company the legal guidance under French law it needs. Our activities include:

  • Advise on all issues relating to French insolvency law, guaranties and securities
  • Assist debtors with filing for bankruptcy in France
  • Assist creditors in filing a claim in French insolvency proceedings, triggering a guaranty or foreclose a security
  • Communicate with a French trustee or liquidator

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Legal assistance from Holfran

We offer foreign (especially Dutch and Belgian) companies, legal advice on French insolvency law. Our services include:

  • Legal advice under French law
  • Assisting in negotiations
  • Contract drafting
  • Mediation and settlements
  • Litigation in France
  • Representing clients before the French courts and administrative authorities

Is your company facing a dispute and would it wish obtaining guidance from an English (and Dutch) speaking lawyer in France? Holfran will be happy to assist. Because we specialize in French law and are trilingual (English, French and Dutch) we offer foreign (especially Dutch and Belgian) companies the necessary legal guidance. Contact us directly and ask for a cost estimate.

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