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Holfran is your company’s legal partner in Paris, France. We assist with effective solutions and a pragmatic approach.

Commercial Real Estate Advocacy in France

Planning to purchase or lease commercial property in enchanting France for business operation? The French commercial real estate market offers promising opportunities but also comes with unique legal challenges. At Holfran, we know these challenges inside out. As a French law firm with a strong Dutch presence, we are your ideal partner in navigating the complex world of commercial real estate in France.

Our services are tailored for companies, especially those from the Netherlands and Belgium, interested in buying or renting commercial properties for their business activities. Holfran’s lawyers are not only graduates of renowned French universities with specialization in French and private international law, but are also fluent in Dutch, French and English. This enables us to effectively function as your bridge between the French real estate market and your business requirements.

Why choose a Dutch-speaking lawyer in France?

Investing in commercial real estate in another country can be complex, especially when coupled with differences in legal systems and language. Holfran’s Dutch-speaking lawyers offer an essential advantage; not only do they understand the legal finer points of the French real estate market, but they can also explain them in your own language. This ensures clarity and simplicity throughout the purchase or rental process.

How can Holfran assist you?

From the initial legal evaluation of your property plans to the final transfer of ownership, our team is ready to support you every step of the way. We provide due diligence, conduct negotiations, draft contracts, and represent you at the notary.

Specialist in French Real Estate Law for Business

Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of French commercial property legislation and are familiar with local market conditions. They offer expert advice on buying, selling, renting and leasing commercial property in France.

Conflict Resolution and Mediation in Commercial Property

Should disputes arise, our lawyers are ready to represent your interests, whether in negotiations, mediation or representation in French courts.

Cross-border Expertise in Commercial Real Estate

Our expertise in both French and private international law enables us to act effectively in cross-border real estate transactions. We advise on the applicable law and the competent court in international disputes.

The Exception

Despite our focus on commercial real estate, Holfran can also serve individuals interested in buying unique properties, such as castles in France. Our team has extensive experience in assisting with such prestigious purchases.

Choosing Holfran means choosing a flawless commercial real estate transaction in France, backed by experts who speak your language and prioritize your business interests. Whether it is an office space in Lyon, a shopping complex in Marseille, or an industrial property in Toulouse, Holfran is your reliable partner.

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Legal areas

Holfran specializes in assisting foreign (especially Dutch and Belgian) companies operating on the French market. Our lawyers graduated from French universities, are based in Paris and speak fluent English. We can assist you company having questions about:

  • Commercial and contract law
  • Corporate law
  • Tort and liability law
  • Labour law
  • Transport law
  • Construction and insurance law
  • Insolvency law

Law firm in France

Is your company seeking legal assistance because it is facing a business dispute in France? Or is it looking for legal advice because it does, or wants to do business on the French market? Our lawyers will be happy to assist you. With our expertise in French law and a daily practice of the French legal system, we can provide your company with the right and pragmatic advice. In addition, we can assist your company during negotiations, draft contracts and provide guidance or represent your company in judicial proceedings in France.
Holfran is a French law firm advising foreign (especially Dutch and Belgian) companies doing business in France. Our offices are based in Paris. Also, where necessary, Holfran cooperates with a worldwide network of specialized lawyers. Is your company dealing with a dispute or does it have questions about the legal aspects of doing business in France? Contact us; our lawyers will be happy to assist and can provide a cost estimate.

What can Holfran do for your business?

We provide legal guidance.

For your business matters in France, we advise and litigate in various areas of law.

Contracts & Terms and Conditions

We prepare the legal documents for your business with its French partners.

Your lawyer in France

From our office in Paris we help your company doing business in France.

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