We make French law accessible to foreign & French companies.

With our expertise in French law, we have specific experience in advising foreign companies on the French market.

Holfran grants your company legal guidance in France

For your business in France, we provide the necessary legal guidance.

If operating on the French market, your company can encounter French law issues. Holfran grants advice and assistance.

We provide contractual documentation and company incorporation services.

From reviewing or drafting the legal documents to the execution of the formalities.

We represent your company.

Looking for a French law firm representing your company in proceedings? Contact us for more information.

Does your company need our expertise in French law?

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Our expertise

Commercial & Contract Law

Clear agreements form the basis of sound business relations. We draft the contracts which your company needs for its business in France.

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Labour law

Does your company have employees in France? We can draft the required employment contract or assist in case of a conflict.

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Corporate Law

Not structuring your French corporation optimally can be costly. Mistakes are prevented through reliable legal advice.

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Liability law and legal proceedings

Is your company held liable in France or does it need to recover damages from a French business partner? We defend your company’s interests.

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Construction and insurance law

In construction assignments the correct documentation, legal guidance and insurances are crucial. Holfran’s lawyers are happy to assist.

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Transport law

Claiming damages pursuant to poor performance in the carriage of goods to, from or within France? We can assist.

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Insolvency law

Does your company have a claim against a French defaulting customer or does it need advice on French insolvency law? We are happy to assist.

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